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Here is How Agape Grace LLC is giving back. 

5% of our net profit goes towards "Victory Children-Care Home" in Myanmar. 
“Victory Children-Care Home”

The victory children-care home has already been taking more than TEN Years long journey by the provisions and blessings of God Himself. Enforced by the Holy Spirit of God. It was established on June 05, 2008 with SIX children under the spiritual leadership of Pastor Hung Kee Paing and the sacrificial devoted care of the family owing to the vision and need of taking care of the DAI illiterate children educationally, spiritually, physically as well as socially. However, it was started by faith alone, yet we could have been able to demonstrate God’s cooperation and incredible blessings. 


The Victory Children-Care Home was formerly known as “ Dai Youth-Care & Development Center”, but it happened to change to “ Victory Children-Care Home” in 2009 by the time we discovered the marvelous blessing, incredible provisions of God with great success. It is only by the grace of God that we are able to continue running our orphanage until today since we were and are not endowed by any community. 


At first, it was very difficult to implement the vision due to many hindrances and obstacles, but the family had been vigorously praying for the vision. But we managed to start program by the due time. Within THREE Years, we had bitterly faced various attacks support, yet we could overcome these by God’s merciful help. Honestly confession, the Victory Children-Care Home does not hold any financial help form any community form abroad and in the country.


To help and provide the facilities for the children such as educational, social spiritual and physical needs under a systematic care of the staff concerned with the teaching of the word of God until they become to stand by their own feet and grantee their future lives by themselves.



The Dai Chin people are the sub-tribe of the chin people inhabited and native to the southern chin state where the place is hilly and bamboo-covered. Thus, the place is remote and rural where there is no transportation, telecommunication, access to medical help of clinic, and commercial enterprise. Additionally, the inhabitants are working in their cultivated field from dawn to dark with their sweat falling down from their forehead to feet. And the region is left behind and undeveloped till today. 


Having seen this, God had put a keen burning desire to Pastor Hung and beloved wife on this orphanage to be established in Yangon, the capital city to help the needs of their people decrease in a better way. The committed purpose of founding the Victory Children - Care Home is not only to look after and provide the needs of illiterate Dai Children, but also to take care of them spiritually by teaching the word of God so that they may grow more in God. Moreover, we also train the children to be God-Loved leaders in the future, practicing them with Bible based admonition toward spiritual maturity. It is indeed sought as the Dailand really needs altruistic leaders for the solution and development in many-sided sector. Our blessed hope and purpose of the orphanage is the advent of the qualified leaders that can transform the territory in versatile ways.

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